Request a letter to prove your status as a student and get forms completed by the University.

Why you might need a letter

We issue letters for students who need to prove they study at Sussex.

If you require a non-standard letter, contact your School of Study who will do their best to assist.

Getting forms approved

You can also ask us to sign forms – skip to getting official forms signed.

What you can request a letter for

You can request a letter for:

When to request letters

You can request most letters throughout the year, except letters for:

  • council tax exemption – you can only ask for this after you have completed registration
  • showing you are waiting for your final degree result – you can only get this after you have submitted your final assessment
  • proving you have been awarded your degree – you can only ask for this after your final results are published in Sussex Direct.


Creating letters is a manual process and can take time, particularly during busy periods. You can help by:

  • making sure the information you provide is accurate and up-to-date
  • applying in plenty of time
  • replying to the automated response email, that you receive after you request a letter, if you have any queries.

Allow up to 10 working days for your letter to be emailed to you, or three working days for a bank letter (international students only).

Getting official forms signed

If you need something approved, we can check, complete and sign official forms such as:

  • confirmation of registration forms
  • Department for Education and Skills (DfES) forms
  • pension forms
  • Canadian loan and tax forms
  • Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) forms.

You can scan or take a picture of the form and email it to

We will usually print out the image of the form you have sent us, complete it and then scan it to send back to you by email.

We aim to complete form requests in two to three days.