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Improve your writing

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“I got my mark back for my essay that I went through with you, and I got 77%, which I am very happy about!”

“I found your comments and insights very helpful on my last essay, and I got great marks and feedback.”

The Library hosts three Royal Literacy Fund Fellows (RLF), established professional writers who can help with all aspects of the writing process:

  • Planning
  • Constructing your argument
  • Drafting
  • Editing
  • Understanding feedback

Students at every level of study, from Foundation to PhD, can benefit from learning about good writing practice from a professional author.

Build your confidence

Time spent with an RLF Fellow will help build your confidence - the key to unlocking your potential!

It will give you time to focus on your essay question and understand how to make sense of it.

They can comment on the writing style of work in progress, enabling you to improve your work before submission.


  • Book a session early rather than at the 11th hour of your essay crisis. Sometimes it can be helpful just to talk through the title, find out what you think, and make a rough draft.
  • Don’t expect a copy-editing service or for us to dictate perfect sentences for you.
  • Don’t imagine there’s a magic formula to improve your grade in the space of one essay. Think of good writing as a muscle that needs building up over time.

How to book

The tutorials are free and can be booked up to 28 days in advance by contacting the RLF Fellows directly:

Please note: If English is not your first language, specialist one-to-one tutorials are available from English Language for Academic Study (ELAS).

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