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Academic careers

The most common career route after a PhD is a post-doc position. These are typically fixed term contracts for one to three years. Post-docs complete research related to their PhD to build their academic expertise, as well as writing publications and attending conferences.

As academic careers are extremely competitive, in addition to research and publications youll need (in the majority of cases) to build up good teaching and administration experience to demonstrate how youve contributed to your department and institution beyond your research. In some cases, researchers may take a teaching or a research-focused academic career route, though the majority of roles will expect you to do both.

There are many other roles in academia and Higher Education that dont include teaching and research, but instead support the functions and administration of a university. 

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If you're ready to apply for an academic positions, see our advice about applying for a job and our example of an academic CV

Research careers outside academia

There are various industries outside academia that allow you to make use of your research experience and skills, such as central government, think tanks, charities and NGOs. 

Non-academic careers

There is a wide range of roles and sectors that you can go into with a PhD. For most roles youll need to de-emphasise the technical content of your research and market the vast amount of transferable skills that you've gained from your PhD. 10 Career Paths for PhDs and Career Planning for PhDs have exercises to help you review your skills. 

Outside research roles, you may find that there are not that many roles that specifically ask for a PhD. You may find a small number of specific roles in large corporate firms, such as management consultancies, investment banks and quantitative finance.

You can also find out about starting your own business, going freelance or developing a social enterprise.

You can find opportunities for postgraduate researchers with: 

If you are ready to apply for a non-academic role, see our advice for applying for a job. You can also see an example of a non-academic CV.

Also see an example of a cover letter for jobs following a PhD – this can be used to apply for academic and non-academic roles.


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