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What it’s like to be a Connector

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    Connectors, in front of you is a pack of cards.

    One by one, you must take your card and read it in the group.

    These cards hold the most frequently asked questions about the Connector Programme.

    You have two minutes starting now.


    How do you become a Connector?

    You have to fill out an application form.

    And then after that, you go to the selection event.

    It’s really calm. A group scenario solving situations, brainstorming and teamwork.

    It’s pretty fun. It’s very entertaining.

    One of the things we do like to emphasize the most is just be yourself.

    Yeah, one hundred percent.

    There’s no need to think “I have to be really professional, I have to be a certain way”.

    OK. Who can apply to be a Connector?

    Well, essentially anybody.

    Any Sussex student, Medical School.


    And you don’t need any previous experience.

    Yes, that’s something that made me apply.

    Yeah, me too.

    How did you find out about your Connector role?

    I found out on Career Hub.

    I was given a promoted Instagram post.

    I got an email.

    What are three skills you have learned as a Connector?


    Leadership skills for me.


    My organisational skills before I joined were horrendous.

    Let’s go.

    What extra opportunities has being a Connector given you?

    I got to speak at a conference recently, which I’m actually hella excited about.

    That’s going on my CV.

    And even stuff like this.

    Yeah, stuff like this. Recording this video is amazing.

    What’s been your proudest moment as a Connector?

    Being able to see my personal growth and my personal development.

    Before, I was quite closed off and shy.

    I think for me, it’s definitely the booklet.

    Seeing something that you’ve made.

    She is a beauty.

    I was never into marketing or communication and design

    or anything like that.

    I just fell in love.

    How can someone take part in the Connector community?

    You can be part of the Connector comittee.

    Definitely get involved in the social media.

    The Slack channel.

    I haven’t met anyone in the programme that isn’t really, really lovely.


    Ten seconds!

    Where can I go to find out more about the roles?

    Oh, Instagram: @connectorprogramme.

    I run it, It’s great.


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