Arriving in the UK

To comply with your visa, you might need to do several things when you get here.

When you can arrive

You can arrive in the UK up to one month before your course start date, if your course is six months or longer, or a pre-sessional course that is less than six months.

If your course is fewer than six months long, you can arrive seven days before your course start date.

What to do at the UK border

When you arrive in the UK, you must show the Border Force Officer (BFO):

  • your 30-day vignette (sticker in your passport), if you have been issued one
  • the letter that came with your vignette, if you have one
  • copies of your financial documents.

Important: You may be able to use an ePassport gate at the UK border. If you use one, bring your flight ticket or boarding pass to registration so we can take a copy. We can’t register you for Sussex without this.

Find out what to do at the border if you have a short-term study visa.

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