If you have Covid-19 symptoms you must self-isolate and let us know using a simple form. All the details are available here.

Getting to know your flatmates

Discover ways to bond with your new flatmates in your home or out and about.

Join a Facebook group

You can join a Facebook page for your halls of residence, both on-campus and elsewhere.

You will be able to use the page once we have confirmed you are a Sussex student. This is easier if you use your real name on Facebook. You will get sent a link to the Facebook page for your residence by email, which you can request to join. 

Kitchen meetings

Get to know your flatmates and your Residential Life Connector at a kitchen meeting. Residential Life Connectors are full-time second, third or postgraduate students, with a wealth of knowledge about Sussex.

Kitchen meetings are usually held at the start of each term but can be more frequent if requested. Your first kitchen meeting is a chance to set ground rules and get useful information about campus and Brighton. Your Residential Life Connector will be in touch.

Your Residential Life Connector can also help if you think someone needs to mediate a meeting with your flatmates. The Residential Life Connector’s role is to be an impartial facilitator, but you can also request to speak to another member of the team.

If you’re not living in University-managed accommodation, kitchen meetings are still a good way of catching up with your flatmates and sorting out issues. You just have to arrange them yourself.

How to live with other people

Read our tips for communal living and resolving issues with flatmates if there is a problem you wish to address.


Events can be a good way of getting to know each other. You can see a full schedule of events, including those run by the Students' Union, and browse them on the SussexMobile App.

Your Residential Life Connector will also be running events throughout the year. These will be advertised on social media and on posters in your building. You can also request events you’d like to see during your kitchen meeting.

Make friends through the Buddy Scheme

The Students’ Union Buddy Scheme can support you through the first few weeks, introduce you to life on campus, Brighton and beyond.

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