Find out where to look for jobs over the summer and other vacations. 


Get extra help and support and see part-time job vacancies on and off campus. 


Summer and vacation work

Working over the summer is a great way to gain experience and develop your skills. 

Important: Most international students will be able to work full-time during vacations, however there are some restrictions that may apply to you. Check your eligibilty and the term dates before you start work so you dont exceed the hours stipulated by your visa.

Seasonal work could include:

  • summer youth camps
  • language school support roles
  • lifeguarding
  • customer service
  • social care or child care.


If you are a second (or penultimate) year student, you might choose to go on a summer internship. Find out about summer internship opportunities. You may also be eligible for summer internships via our programme, Career Lab. There's also internship opportunities for first year students and graduates

Where to look for jobs over the summer

You could try looking for jobs using: 

Overseas vacation work

If you are interested in working abroad, try looking for jobs using: 

For a fee, various companies can arrange a visa and working holiday for you in countries across the world. Work is likely to be in customer service roles or summer camps. We do not advertise opporunities that incur a fee or have compulsory fundraising. But if you are interested in these opportunties, you can use the below organisations to find jobs:

  • BUNAC – work abroad and internship programmes for anyone aged 18-35. Includes Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, South Africa and more.
  • CCUSA – summer camps and work experience in the USA, plus options in Canada, Russia, Africa, Latin America and Asia.
  • IST Plus – working holidays in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore and teaching in China or Thailand.
  • Global Choices – working holiday, volunteering and au pair opportunities. Countries covered include USA, Spain, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, China, Australia and Argentina.

More information about part-time work

Find out more about part-time work, tax and national insurance.

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