Living with us

Find out about living in on- or off-campus accommodation managed by the University. Also see who to contact to resolve problems.

Residential Advisers

Contact your Residential Adviser.

See our jobs if you want to become a Residential Adviser.

Swap rooms

If you would like to change rooms, we have a housing swap list.

Log into your Sussex Direct account to see this. If you need help, you can download a guide to the room swap process [PDF 732KB].

This option opens on the first day of autumn term.

Moving in day

In your accommodation offer letter we ask you to download and print out a car window screen display for your residence.

Place this on your car dashboard so we can guide you when you’re moving in on campus.

Write your vehicle registration number, mobile phone number and key collection time on the print-out so our team can contact you if necessary.

Equipment guide

Read our Equipment guide [PDF 297KB] on how to use the most common items found in our accommodation.

Stay in your room over Christmas

You will need to let us know you’re staying in your accommodation over Christmas. You’re welcome to stay – you just need to tell us for safety reasons.

Also check out things to know over the holidays, such as our operational opening times and festive events.

Policies and complaints

Find out about our housing policies, including our complaints procedure, how to declare any relevant unspent criminal convictions and information on why we might not be able to house you.