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Submitting an assessment

Find out how to submit your work so you deliver it on time and to the right place.

When and how to submit

You’ll find out where to submit work from your:

  • tutor
  • Canvas module, or
  • module handbook.

You will need to submit online or hand in work to your school office or tutor.

Your official due date and method of submission for each assessment is listed in your timetable in Sussex Direct.

Assessment submission deadlines may be during the winter or spring vacation or during the revision week, as listed in our term dates.

Online submission

To submit work online, you should be told which system to use. You must double-check this on Sussex Direct.

The systems you see on Sussex Direct are:

  • Turnitin, shown as “Canvas Turnitin”
  • Canvas, shown as “Canvas Online”
  • Mahara, shown as “Mahara Submission”.

Late submission

You can submit work electronically as many times as you like up until the submission deadline.

If the deadline has passed and you have not submitted, you may be able to submit during a late period. You can check your timetable in Sussex Direct to see if you’re allowed to submit an assessment late.

The length of a late period depends on the assessment. The late periods are:

  • up to 24 hours after your deadline, or
  • up to seven days after your deadline.

Sometimes an assessment doesn’t have a late period beyond your deadline. There is no late submission on group written submissions or take-away papers.

You can’t submit work for any assessment after the late period has passed.

Under our regulations, if you submit work up to 24 hours late you will get 5 percentage points taken off your mark. Work submitted up to seven days late will have 10 percentage points taken off.

Example: A percentage point is not the same as a percentage of your mark. For instance, if you scored 65% for an assessment but submitted your work 12 hours late, your adjusted mark would be 60%.


Before your due date, you’re allowed to resubmit your work.

Once the deadline passes the marking process begins and you cannot resubmit your work.

You cannot replace your submission during a late period – even if you submitted your work within your deadline the first time.

If you submitted the wrong file through the system, tell your school office.


Find out about regulations around exams and assessments.

These cover academic misconduct, including plagiarism.