If you’re arriving late

Find out what you should do if you’re arriving late at night during Welcome Weekend or after it has ended.


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Arriving late at night on Welcome Weekend

Find out where to collect your keys if you’re due to arrive after 6pm over Welcome Weekend.

You can use some shops, bars and cafes until 10pm, and the Co-op convenience store is open until 11pm. After this, services are limited.

If you have booked coach travel to the University to arrive after 6pm, a student helper will tell you where to get your keys. If you’re renting privately, check where the coach stops so you can plan your journey.

If you’re lost or have any difficulties, you can go to 24-hour receptions at York House or East Slope residences on campus, or Stanmer Court next to Falmer Station.

Arriving after Welcome Weekend

Welcome Week began on Monday 20 September 2021.

To guarantee your housing, you must have notified the Housing Office if you were planning to arrive to your accommodation after Saturday 18 September 2021. You will still be charged for your room from 18 September. We will only hold your room until Friday 15 October 2021.

If you are yet to take up your accommodation, let Housing Services know you will be arriving as soon as possible. It’s important to tell them when you expect to arrive so your room is not allocated to another student. Housing Services can also tell you where to collect your key.

If you’re renting accommodation privately, speak to your letting agent or landlord.

Arriving after the start of teaching

Teaching for most courses started on Monday 27 September 2021 and we expected both our new and returning students to be on campus by this time.

Important: We understand that some students have exceptional circumstances which mean they may not be able to be on campus for the start of teaching. You must complete the formal registration process by Friday 15 October 2021, even if your arrival on campus is delayed. If you’re not registered after this date, you will not be a University of Sussex student and we will remove your access to University systems including Canvas and Sussex Direct.

You’ll be able to tell us if your arrival on campus is delayed as part of the formal registration process, and indicate which of the following reasons has caused this delay:

  • you’re resident in a country that currently prohibits travel to the UK
  • you currently have Covid-19 or symptoms of Covid-19, and you are required to self-isolate
  • you have an immune-suppressed condition
  • your visa application has been delayed because of local administrative problems (e.g. because of visa processing delays or visa applications being closed)
  • you’re subject to other legal restrictions that prevent travel.

You do not need to contact the University separately to tell us if you are in one of these categories.

Telling us when you’re arriving

If you know when you’ll be arriving, enter the date in your registration, but we understand if you don’t know the exact date yet.

Depending on your situation, we expect you to arrive as soon as you can.

If you told us you were going to be delayed coming to campus when you registered, and you’re now with us, you can amend your answer in Sussex Direct. Go to your personal details page and select “I can now study in person”.

If you are joining Sussex on a visa, this latest arrival date is automatically included in your CAS.

Your School will be in contact to arrange alternatives until you can join us on campus.

Accessing teaching while you’re delayed

If you are delayed in joining us in person on campus, we will provide you with access to study resources that enable you to still be able to meet your learning outcomes while you prepare to join us on campus.

Depending on your individual situation, we expect you to arrive as soon as your circumstances permit you to join us in person.

If you have a visa, it will remain valid while you study remotely, provided you arrive in the UK as soon as you can (subject to any UK Government regulations and concessions in place at the time). When you applied for your visa you will have been issued with a 90-day travel vignette, which you will use to enter the UK. If you cannot travel within this period, you’ll need to apply for a replacement vignette (costing £154). Only apply for your visa if you are reasonably certain you can travel to the UK. Read more about applying for a visa from outside the UK.

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