Study abroad through a summer school

You can apply to spend a summer abroad at a summer school after the first or second year of your course.

About overseas summer schools

We offer summer school opportunities in Asia, Europe, and North America, as well as online study programmes, so you can enrich your studies and experience a new culture while learning. Summer school programmes are three to six weeks long and include academic, cultural and language courses.

This is a great opportunity to study with another prestigious global university and meet students (virtually or in-person) from around the world. You'll develop skills by working with students from a range of different countries and cultures, and you can enhance your studies at Sussex by studying something completely different. The programmes do not count towards your degree, but are a fantastic opportunity for you to experience life at an international university.

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate. You can list this certificate on your CV to show employers your experience abroad.

Some of our opportunities at summer schools include a bursary towards the cost.

Summer school opportunities

  • Global Excellence Summer Programme (GESP)

    Important: Applications for this scheme are now closed for 2021/22.

    The Global Excellence Summer Programme scheme gives you the opportunity to apply for a summer school experience either in-person or virtually. You can choose from summer schools at several of our prestigious partner universities. Summer schools are a great way to gain international experience outside of your degree at Sussex. You can study subjects related to your degree or try something new. Its a way to meet students and academics from around the world and enhance your CV with global experience in a competitive job market.

    Deadline for applications: applications closed

  • Global International Learning Summer School

    Important: Applications for this scheme are now closed for 2021/22.

    You can apply to take part in an International Summer School either in person or online and add a fully-funded international dimension to your Sussex degree.

    The summer schools and courses are run by prestigious universities in Asia and Europe. You can choose modules related to your degree to further your knowledge in the subject. You can instead study something completely different and new to expand your academic interests.

    You will have the opportunity to experience international teaching and meet students from around the world, either in-person or online. The credits received will not count towards your degree, but you will receive a certificate or transcript at the end of the course. This global opportunity will enhance your CV and further your international experience as you progress through your Sussex degree.

    Deadline for applications: applications closed

  • Santander University of Sussex Business Online Summer School

    Important: Applications for this scheme are now closed for 2021/22.

    This scheme is open to first and second year students from the University of Sussex Business School, who want to experience a summer course from some of the top business schools in Europe.

    The summer school is a great way to add a global element to your CV and prepare you for further international experiences. The credits received do not contribute towards your degree classification but you will receive a certificate or transcript after you complete the course at the host institution. You will need to pay for you own flights, accommodation and living expenses.

    You will also gain access to the Santander Becas portal. This platform allows you to discover an array of networking and funding opportunities around the world.

    Deadline for applications: applications closed

For further details please contact Lucy Cahalin:

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