Join us at Career Lab – a series of opportunities designed to develop your skills, experience and confidence, to help boost your career prospects.

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About Career Lab

Career Lab is a programme open to all undergraduate students. It is a series of opportunities designed to develop your skills, experience, connections and confidence throughout your time at Sussex.
Career Lab programmes take place primarily in the Spring term. Find out more about when programmes will be advertised and take place.


The programme is open to all undergraduate students. Select your year of study to see which specific opportunities are available to you this year.

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How to apply

You can apply directly for each programme on the programme page, where you will find further information. But there are some restrictions: 

  • If you are in year two you can only accept either the UK Summer internship or the Online Global Summer Internship or the Junior Research Associate scheme.
  • In your final year, you can only accept a UK Summer Internship or an Online Global Summer Internship.
  • In your final year you can only participate in either the Winter or Spring Student Consultancy Programme.
  • You can complete both the Digital Accelerator and the Video Accelerator during your time at Sussex, but only one Accelerator per year. For example, you can take part in the Video Accelerator in year one, and the Digital Accelerator in year two.

Don’t forget: you can earn Spirit of Sussex Award points for the successful participation of any Career Lab opportunity.

Opportunities may be subject to change

Important: We will make every effort to deliver this programme as outlined in these web pages. In certain circumstances Career Lab opportunities may be subject to change, such as application dates and locations. Information will be updated on these pages if this happens.