Register for healthcare

Find out how to register with a doctor and dentist, and what healthcare you’re entitled to.

Register with a doctor

We have an on-campus NHS health centre.

Register as soon as you can; don’t wait until you’re ill. In the event you need healthcare, you must be registered to be seen.

You must live on campus or within the Brighton & Hove catchment area to be eligible to register.


If you’re living outside this catchment area, you can use the NHS Choices website to find a doctor near you.

Register with a dentist

We advise you to register with a dentist. You can register with an on-campus dentist or find another local surgery.

You have to pay for most treatments, even if you’re registered with the NHS. Find out how much NHS treatment generally costs and whether you have to pay.

Collect contraception

You can get free condoms on campus by signing up for a University of Sussex X-Card. X-Card drop-ins also provide free self-testing kits for sexually transmitted infections and information about local sexual health services.

You can get advice on contraception from the campus Health Centre if you are registered with them.

Find out more about the contraception available.

Accidents, injuries and emergencies

Doctors at GP surgeries don’t deal with accidents, injuries or any issues out-of-hours. However, you can go to out-of-hours services and walk-in services.

You can also call the NHS non-emergency number 111 if you urgently need medical advice but it's not life-threatening.

If you have an emergency you must call 999, the official emergency phone line for the UK.

Healthcare for international students

A doctor in the UK is also called a GP (general practitioner).

Healthcare in the UK can be complex. Check whether you’re entitled to NHS healthcare, depending on whether you’re an EEA national or otherwise.

If you're here for less than six months, you will need to take out private health insurance. Find the information you need as a Visiting and Exchange student from the International Student Support team.

What healthcare you’re entitled to

The National Health Service (NHS) is the UK's state-run health service. It provides free healthcare for UK residents and some, but not all, overseas visitors.

Everyone gets some emergency treatment for free (but not follow-up treatment).

Some hospital treatment is free for many people but not everyone. Find out if you would have to pay hospital fees.

Even if you do qualify for free treatment, you might consider taking out health insurance in case you want a quicker service than can be offered by the NHS.

Getting medicine

You can buy over-the-counter remedies and pick up prescriptions from the campus pharmacy.

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