Residential support

Find out who to contact if you have a problem with your living situation in University-managed accommodation.

Get 24-hour help

Support is available if you’re living in University-managed accommodation.

On campus

If you have an emergency, call University Security on 01273 873333. Keep this phone number in your mobile contacts list in case you need help.

Security are first-aid trained, can contact the Residential Life (Res Life) team if needed, and can contact emergency services and guide them to your location.

You can visit our 24-hour reception at York House and speak to our security team. From 10am to 10pm a member of our Res Life team will also be available. You can also get help if you, or someone else, is in distress or having a welfare crisis.

Off campus

If you have an emergency and live off campus call 999 – the official emergency phone line for the UK.

You can speak to your porter or University Security can advise you over the phone, but they don’t attend emergencies in University-managed accommodation off campus

Privately renting

If you have an emergency and are living in privately-rented accommodation call 999.

Medical enquiries

Find out who to call with out-of-hours medical enquiries.

Residential Life Connectors

If you’re living in University-managed accommodation, you will have a Residential Life Connector (also called a Res Life Connector) for your accommodation.

You can look in your kitchen for your Res Life Connector’s contact details, or email if you need further support.

You can meet your Res Life Connector at the start of your first term.

Help if you have problems with flatmates

If you’re having problems with housemates, such as people being messy or noisy, in the first instance try to discuss the issue with them.

If this doesn’t work, a Residential Life Connector can provide support and help mediate disagreements between flatmates. They can also direct you to other services.

Mediation is non-judgemental and non-directive – it’s not about who’s right and wrong. It allows both parties the opportunity to explain how the situation is affecting them and decide together how best to resolve the situation.

In more difficult circumstances you can be invited to an arbitration with one of the officers or managers of the Residential Life Connector scheme.

Res Life activities

Res Life Connectors help to plan activities that bring together the people you live with.

Follow the Res Life team on Instagram for updates on events.

Problems with University-managed accommodation

If there’s a problem with the building, such as a faulty light or broken door, speak to your porter or building manager. If the issue occurs out of hours see the porter at the 24-hour reception in York House. See how to report a housing problem.

If you have a different concern, speak to our Housing office.

If you’re having problems with your flatmates, in the first instance try to discuss the issue with them.

If you’re still struggling or experiencing another welfare issue, such as messy flatmates, contact your Residential Life Connector, who can support and mediate. They can also direct you to other services.

You’ll meet your Residential Life Connector at the start of term and their contact details will be placed in your kitchen.

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