If you’re looking for privately-rented accommodation, see our advice for finding a property, living in your neighbourhood and moving out.

Advice for families

If you’re studying at Sussex and you’re looking for accommodation, check the options available for you and your family.

Get ready to rent

See our guide to help you prepare for renting in the private sector in the UK.

Sussex student Abira shares tips on renting in the private sector

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    On screen text: Who is this video for?

    Most students at the University are approved for University managed accommodation in their first year of study as long as they apply before the deadlines given. If you’re not eligible or have missed the accommodation deadline or would prefer to live in private accommodation, then this advice is for you.

    On screen text: Where to start?

    Brighton and Hove and the wider Sussex area are a great place to live with different types of housing, amenities and diverse neighbourhoods. Certain types of housing are very popular and it can be limited. Therefore it is important that you’re prepared by having a realistic idea of what you’ll need to do in order to find housing and the budget that you’ll need to work with. The more you prepare before arrival using all the support and advice available, finding a place to call home will be an exciting part of your Sussex journey.

    On screen text: What if I want to bring my family?

    The University does not have any family housing available and will not provide accommodation to students with children even in the case of emergency. Because of this, it is not a good idea to bring your children with you to Sussex, if you have not already arranged for housing in advance. We recommend that you travel to the area alone, spend the first six to eight weeks searching for housing and then bringing your family to live with you. This prevents from having to pay for temporary accommodation for your whole family while you search. It is a good idea to have a big search area as family housing can be expensive and in high demand. The wider Sussex area has a lot of towns and villages that are great for families. The more places you’re willing to look, the more options you’ll have.

    On screen text: What should I be doing now to get ready?

    You should spend as much time as you can before arrival, learning and researching about the housing options you have. The most important thing to consider is budget. Renting accommodation is expensive and students are often expected to pay a large sum of money in advance before moving into the property. For instance, if you don’t have a UK guarantor, then typically you’re required to pay six to twelve months of rent upfront. Renting for a family is going to cost more than renting alone, and the same advanced fees do apply, so it is important to budget for these as well. The more people you bring, the higher the cost to rent.

    On screen text: How long will it take me to find somewhere?

    If you’re a student coming alone, we recommend that you allow for a four to six week period for your housing search. If you’re bringing your whole family, then it may take twice as long or even longer to find a place. If you have not found somewhere before your arrival, you should factor in the cost of temporary, hostel or hotel accommodation while you search.

    On screen text: Where can I get advice?

    The student hub has a whole page dedicated to students renting in the private sector and even a specific section for family housing. This is a great place to start your research and work out the budget that you’ll need. The housing team at Sussex can answer any questions you may have during your housing search and are available via email, phone, or in-person on campus. By taking the time to research and budget now, finding an accommodation at the start of your term will be a much smoother and less stressful experience.

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