If you have Covid-19 symptoms you must self-isolate and let us know using a simple form. All the details are available here.


Find out how to collect your username and password and register online.

Starting at Sussex in 2020

If you’re starting at Sussex in Autumn 2020, and have any questions or concerns, see our Coronavirus information for current students.

Continuing students can register using the link on the front page of Sussex Direct.

How to start Online Registration

You will receive an email containing your candidate number and instructions on how to complete Online Registration. This will include checking personal details, informing us of your next of kin, confirming your term-time address and providing a photo for your student ID card.

Registration is important because it means you are officially a member of the University.

It also:

Your printing account is set up the first time you log into a campus computer.

This year, registration is a fully online process for all new and continuing students.

You should register before you start your course. You have until Friday 16 October to complete registration.


Important: If you’ve contacted our registration team and you’ve yet to receive a reply, please be patient. We are replying to emails as quickly as possible during this busy time and we will be in touch soon.

Supplying a photograph

You must upload a picture of yourself during Online Registration. This is for your student ID card.

The picture must be:

  • a portrait headshot with only you in the photo
  • recent and a true likeness
  • in colour
  • clear, in focus and free from red-eye or shadow
  • free of reflection or glare from glasses.

You must:

  • face forward, look at the camera, with eyes open and nothing covering your face
  • not wear sunglasses
  • not wear a hat or cover your head unless for medical or religious reasons.

Try not to lose your card as you may be charged for a replacement.

Getting your student ID card

There will be no in-person registration event so you must complete registration online as soon as possible.

The final part of the registration process is to get your student ID card (and BRP if applicable). For UK based students who don’t need a visa this will be sent to your home or term-time address depending on when you register.

For students who do need a Visa; once your ID card and BRP are ready you will be able to collect them from the reception at the Student Systems and Records Office in Bramber House, level 1. We will email to let you know when they are available for collection.

Your student ID card is also your Library card.

International student registration

Registration is slightly different for international students from outside of the UK/EU.

If you need a visa to study in the UK, you will be contacted once we receive your BRP and given details of any further actions we need you to complete in order to complete registration.

We will require scans of:

  • a visa, visa stamps in your passport or BRP
  • an immigration status document.

If you applied for a Tier 4 visa outside the UK, we will also need a scan of 90-day vignette (sticker) in your passport. This is to check your vignette is valid. It should have been date-stamped by a Border Force Officer when you arrived. If not, we will need a scan of your boarding pass or travel ticket instead.

If your visa application is still pending, we will need scans of:

  • your passport, or a copy of your passport if it’s with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI)
  • the UKVI checklist you get after you have applied for your visa, or other proof of application
  • a copy of your most recent visa.

If you were under 18 on 21 September 2020 and applied for a Tier 4 visa, we will need a signed letter from your parents or legal guardian showing you consent to the arrangements for your travel, reception and living arrangements in the UK. This can be the same letter you submit to the Home Office with your visa application. We will tell you how to do this before registration.

In some cases we may need to check the status of your immigration application with UKVI before you can register.

Once you have completed registration, we will email you to let you know that your BRP and University Identity card are available for collection from the Student Systems and Records Office in Bramber House, level 1.

Important: You may have received a letter from the UK Home Office saying you can collect your BRP from us. Unfortunately this is not possible due to Covid-19 restrictions. Complete online registration and once we have made an appointment with you we will tell you how to get your BRP.

Applying for a visa from within the UK

If you applied for a visa while still in the UK (for instance as a student who has been studying with Study Group), you will need to provide us with your old BRP and new visa application evidence.

You should complete as much of the registration process as you can. You will be given provisional registration status until your new BRP is seen by the University.

You will then be invited to complete the ID checks and the remainder of the registration process as above.

International students studying remotely

You’ll be able to let us know if there is an impediment to you coming to the UK and studying on campus during registration.

If you’ve already submitted a visa application, you’ll be able to upload a scan of your passport and vignette as part of registration.

If you’ve yet to submit a visa application you will be required to upload a scan of your passport as part of registration. We will be in contact to advise what you’ll need to do next.

Students studying remotely will be able to access Canvas, the University’s virtual learning environment, where you will find details of the learning and teaching of your course.

Paying your tuition and accommodation fees

You pay your tuition fees as part of the Online Registration process. You will be guided through this by the system. If you are paying tuition fees with a Student Loans Company loan, you will not need to arrange payment through online registration.

You will pay your accommodation fees through our accounts system a few days after you move in. We will be in touch with you about how to do this.


If you have a scholarship, this will show in the registration process. If your scholarship is not showing, email scholarships@sussex.ac.uk.

Maintenance loan

Maintenance loans will be released to eligible students once registration is complete and verification has been approved.

Sussex Direct and Canvas

If you’ve accepted an offer from Sussex you will have an email including instructions on how to collect your username and password. Once you’ve done this you will have access to our IT systems, including Sussex Direct and Canvas.

New students can select option or elective modules during online registration. Continuing students use Sussex Direct.

See your teaching timetable on Sussex Direct. If you can’t see your timetable, either you have not yet selected your option modules or your School has not yet added you to the relevant teaching groups. Contact your school if you have any queries.

Late registration

If you cannot complete in-person registration before the start of autumn term you must let our Admissions office know. Find out who to email if you’re arriving late.

Criminal convictions disclosure

As part of our safeguarding obligations to all members of our campus community, we require all students to let us know if they have any “relevant unspent” criminal convictions. You will be asked about this during Online Registration.

Read more about our policy around criminal convictions.

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