Find out how to collect your username and password and register online.

How to complete Online Registration

All new students are required to register for their course. This is an important process because it means you are officially a member of the University, and ensures you have access to all the information and resources you need for your studies. 

You should register before you start your course and when you return each year. You have until the end of teaching week 3 to complete this.

You will receive an email containing your candidate number and instructions on how to complete Online Registration.

There are two steps to Online Registration.

  1. Start Registration

    The first step allows you to get your username and password.

    This gives you access to your:

    Tip: If you cannot see your teaching timetable or modules in Sussex Direct, contact your school office.

    Your printing account is set up the first time you log into a campus computer.

    Step one includes:

    The picture you upload must be:

    • a portrait headshot with only you in the photo
    • recent and a true likeness
    • in colour
    • clear, in focus and free from red-eye or shadow
    • free of reflection or glare from glasses.

    You must:

    • face forward, look at the camera, with eyes open and nothing covering your face
    • not wear sunglasses
    • not wear a hat or cover your head unless for medical or religious reasons.

    Try not to lose your card as you may be charged for a replacement.

    Register now

  2. Complete Registration

    From 1 September, you can complete step two of Registration.

    This is where we ask you to:

    • confirm your next of kin
    • confirm your term-time address
    • agree to the University’s regulations
    • choose any option modules (if applicable)
    • pay tuition fees or rent (if applicable). 

    If you’re a UK based student we will send your student ID card to your home or term-time address, depending on when you register.

Students from Overseas

If you’re a student from outside of the UK, the Online Registration system will show you how to upload the documents you need to provide, including your passport and visa. You need to provide these documents to show that you’re eligible to study in the UK.

Once we have checked these documents we’ll send you an email inviting you to book an appointment to complete registration. This will be in-person and on campus, where you can collect your student ID card and your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).

Applying for a visa from within the UK

If you applied for a visa while still in the UK (for instance as a student who has been studying with Study Group), you will need to email us the front of your previous BRP and evidence of your Student visa application. Email

You should complete as much of the registration process as you can. You will be given provisional registration status until your new BRP is seen by the University.

EU Settlement Scheme status and UK Immigration: ID Check

If you applied for a visa and used the UK Immigration: ID Check app, or have EU Settlement Scheme status, this will be checked during the admissions process through a share code.

You do not need to provide anything to us during registration unless we ask you for it.

Paying your fees

You pay your tuition and accommodation fees as part of the Online Registration process. You will be guided through this by the system.

If you are paying tuition fees with a Student Loans Company loan, you do not need to arrange payment through Online Registration.

If you’re staying in University-managed accommodation, you pay your accommodation fees through our accounts system a few days after you move in. We will be in touch with you about how to do this.

See more about paying fees when you start at Sussex.

Scholarships and loans

If you have a scholarship, this will show in the registration process. If your scholarship is not showing, email

Maintenance loans are released to eligible students once registration is complete and verification has been approved.

Late registration

If you are arriving late, you should indicate your late arrival when you complete Online Registration.

If you are delayed coming to the UK, tell us when you complete Online Registration. A question on Sussex Direct asks if you have an impediment to travel to the UK; choose the option which most closely matches your situation.

You complete registration when you arrive and once we have all your visa documents on file.

Registering attendance at teaching sessions

You may need to use the SussexMobile App to register attendance at teaching sessions. If this is the case, you will be guided by your tutor.

This is different to completing the Online Registration process above.

Re-registration for returning students

All returning students are required to re-register online each academic year. As you progress from one academic stage to the next, you will be invited to register again for the next stage of your course.

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