Find out about the different aspects of student funding and who to speak to if you have financial or cost-of-living worries.

The cost of living

The cost of living is a concern for many students, particularly during times of rising costs. The University is here for you and has put in place various financial support services and advice to help students facing financial difficulties.

See the information above to learn about the financial support available to you through the University, scholarships and bursaries you may qualify for, and money advice.

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Our continuing work on the cost of living

A university cost of living steering group was launched last year, bringing together Students’ Union officers, student experience and wellbeing experts, and university leadership. This group continues to work on exploring and developing initiatives to further support students.

We'll also be continuing to work with other universities to ensure the UK government are aware of students' financial needs during a time of rising costs – and encouraging them to act.

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