Find out how you could get extra help from specialist coaches to set goals and put you on the right path.

About the Coaching Programme

The Coaching Programme is made up of external coaches who work with you to help you achieve your goals and advise you on issues you may be experiencing.

It is a different programme from counselling or mentoring.

How the Coaching Programme could help you

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How it works

You apply for coaching and we agree that coaching is the best approach. Alternatively, you’re referred for coaching by one of our teams and you apply after they recommend coaching.

External coaches provide specified and individualised support in one-to-one sessions at Sussex. Sessions are held online at a mutually convenient time for you and your coach

Before you start your sessions, you and your coach sign a contract to ensure confidentiality, attendance and the setting of goals and other responsibilities.

They encourage you to achieve your goals, support you in thinking about challenging situations and provide a space for you to be listened to.

You’ll receive six sessions of coaching. Towards the end of the sessions, your coach will review your progress with you, and you may be offered one or two more sessions to help you work though the issues you’ve identified.

Who is it for?

We especially want to support undergraduate students who are:

If this isn’t you, you can still use the service if you think it might help you.

You could benefit from this coaching programme if you feel like you are:

  • going through a challenging situation
  • feeling a sense of isolation
  • struggling academically or socially
  • lacking confidence
  • facing financial struggles
  • sensing a lack of motivation or focus.

About our coaches

We work with the following professional coaches to help get the best out of you:

How to apply

You may be referred to the Coaching Programme from University staff or Students’ Union staff.

Alternatively, you can self-refer.

Apply for coaching

Other services at Sussex

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You can: