Get help with your loan and budget

Find out how your student loan works and what help is available while you’re waiting for funding.

Your student loan

Your student loan for living expenses (if you have one) is either released when:

In both cases, we will notify the Student Loans Company.

You should receive funds in your nominated bank account within three working days.

Issues with your student loan

You can get advice from the Student Life Centre if:

  • you’re struggling to get by until your loan arrives
  • you’re having problems getting your loan or funding.

The Student Life Centre can also help with bursaries.

Tips for managing your money

The best tips for managing your money might come from friends who have already been to university or your family – people who know you better than anyone else.

You can also read our student budgeting tips for advice on how to save money on everything from travel to software.

You might want to look at your living costs and see if there are any areas where you are over-spending.

Also consider looking for a part-time job if you need more money.

Tips for saving money

  • Cook more food for dinner the night before and bring it in to Uni as a packed lunch the next day.
  • Buy supermarket value brands – quite often you are only paying extra for the nicer packaging. And never go shopping when you're hungry.
  • Fill a water bottle from a cooler or fountain. Buying a bottle of water every day during term-time costs £127.
  • Buy a second-hand bike and then travel for free.
  • Book a budgeting one-to-one with the Student Life Centre to sort out finances before they become a mess.

Recognise money problems

If you are often worried about having enough cash, learn how to spot money problems before they get worse.

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