Invest in yourself by growing your money skills and knowledge to empower your future. Explore the Blackbullion learning platform for free and gain financial confidence for life.

the logo of Blackbullion, a financial literacy platformAbout the platform

Blackbullion is an easy-to-use online learning platform filled with short videos, articles and quizzes covering a range of financial subjects.

Plan your weekly or monthly budget so you don’t run out of money with the simple Budget Calculator.

Find out the real cost of your student loan and exactly how much you will repay after graduation using the Student Loan Repayment Estimator.

The platform is free to use and available 24/7.

Campaigns, programmes and competitions run throughout the year with the opportunity to win prizes.

the logo of Blackbullion, a financial literacy platform

Blackbullion are financial education specialists working in partnership with Sussex.

How to access Blackbullion

You can register for free using your official University email address if you’re a current Sussex student, staff or a recent graduate.


If you’re yet to join Sussex

If you haven’t started studying with us yet, you can still use Blackbullion.

Register for the free online Money Ready For Uni course, which will help you understand student finance and learn skills to manage your money during university life.

How you learn on the platform

You gain new skills and knowledge using learning pathways.

Learning pathways are short videos exploring topics, such as managing money and financial security.

Topics are broken down into a series of short sessions including question-and-answer sections to supportively test and strengthen your learning. But don’t worry – the tests are only designed to help you understand your learning journey; you will not be assessed by anyone else in any way.

Complete the learning pathways at your own pace and earn digital badges. For each badge you earn, you gain five points towards a Spirit of Sussex Award.

Explore learning pathways on Blackbullion

You’ll need to log in or register to access these Blackbullion learning pathway links.

International students

If you’re a student from overseas, ease into life in the UK with all the information you need about banking, budgeting and British culture.

As well as the topics above, you can explore the international student learning pathway on Blackbullion.

Check the Student Hub for University of Sussex advice for international students.

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