Find a place to study on campus

Discover locations where you can work, heat up food, make a hot drink or unwind between sessions – as chosen by Sussex students.

Spaces you need to book

You can book study areas and computer rooms for working in:

  • the Library
  • Pevensey I – 1A9
  • Richmond – 3B9
  • Richmond – 4B9
  • Shawcross – large computer room
  • York House – computer lab.

You must book study spaces in advance.

Booking a teaching room for events

You can book seminar rooms and lecture theatres for your own events, such as student societies or workshops.

Request a room booking.

Spaces you don’t need to book

If you’re looking to do some extra work, general reading or some quick admin, there are many places to try.

Near the Library, look at:

  • Arts A – undergraduate and postgraduate common rooms in the school of History, Art History and Philosophy
  • Arts A – Language Learning Centre
  • Arts A – ground floor (outside school office)
  • Arts B – English social space
  • Arts C – Global Studies Resource Centre
  • Silverstone – ground floor
  • Silverstone – social space (level 3).

Around the Meeting House, check:

  • Pevensey I – foyer
  • Pevensey I – common room
  • Shawcross – open areas
  • Meeting House – quiet room.

Near East Slope, you have:

  • Brighton and Sussex Medical School – foyer
  • Freeman – common room
  • John Maynard Smith building – Robert Whittle social space.

Around Bramber House, you can go to:

  • Essex House – seats on ground floor
  • Fulton – ground floor sofas
  • Jubilee building – study pods
  • Bramber House – second floor foyer.

Coming soon

The Student Centre, which begins to open in spring 2022, will be the go-to place for advice and guidance as well as somewhere to unwind or catch up with friends.

Social spaces

There are many settings where you can socialise. As well as the range of cafes and restaurants on campus you can try the following areas:

  • Meeting House
  • Falmer House – common room
  • Falmer House – Room 76 café
  • Freeman – common room
  • Silverstone – social space (level 3)
  • Arts A – pond benches.

Microwaves and hot water

If you want to heat up your own food or make your own hot drink, you can use facilities in:

  • Arts C – Global Studies kitchen, level 3
  • Falmer House – USSU common room, second floor
  • Freeman – common room
  • John Maynard Smith – Robert Whittle social space
  • Jubilee – student kitchen
  • Meeting House – shared kitchen
  • Pevensey I – common room
  • Student Centre – Heat and Eat area

Tip: The Meeting House supplies tea at a minimal cost.

In addition, there are microwaves in:

  • the Students’ Union Shop at Falmer House
  • Arts B, on the top floor
  • the Muslim students’ prayer room (entrance code needed).

If you just need hot water, you can go to the:

  • common rooms in Silverstone
  • Geography department within Chichester I
  • kitchenettes on the first and second floors in the Fulton building.