Find out how to set up a bank account, whether you’re a UK student or arriving from overseas.

Opening a student bank account

If you’re a UK student and want to open a student bank account, you can:

  • set up a new account with a bank or building society of your choice
  • ask your current bank or building society if you can upgrade to a student account.

It’s not compulsory to have a student bank account, but it might give you access to deals such as better train fares and vouchers. If you’re an undergraduate student, UCAS offer a service to help you open a student account.

You may want your student account in place at the start of your course. Some banks allow you to open an account after you’ve accepted your conditional offer, whereas others may ask you to wait until your place is confirmed.

You may also need to show proof of identity and address to open an account. For more information about opening an account and the documents you need, contact the bank or building society. has more advice on opening an account and the best student deals.

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Opening a UK bank account

If you’re coming to Sussex from another country, using a UK bank account is likely to be cheaper than using your home bank account because you’ll not be paying a conversion fee when you spend money.

Find out about the types of UK bank account available and how to apply.

Some banks might want evidence that you’re a Sussex student. For this, you request a bank letter from us.

You can also see our advice about transferring money to the UK.

Cash machines on campus

There are ATMs on the Sussex campus inside Bramber House (outside the Co-op) and inside the entrance to York House.

View and download a campus map.

Paying in

You can also pay in cash or cheques at the Post Office inside the Co-op supermarket in Bramber House.

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