Overcoming homesickness and culture shock

Read our tips about what you can do if you’re missing home or struggling to adjust to life at Sussex.

Keep in touch with friends and family

Some students feeling homesick find it comforting to keep in regular contact with friends or family. A familiar voice might really help you.

Meet new people

Life at Sussex offers endless opportunities to meet new friends.

You can:

You can also get involved with the Students’ Union, which runs fairs and events.

Speak to someone

You can go to the Student Life Centre for more support.

Our chaplaincy offers support and advice to students of all faiths or none.

Culture shock

If you’re moving from another country you may need time to adjust to new surroundings.

Culture shock can range from missing the food you eat back home to more intense feelings such as anxiety.

It’s helpful to recognise that what you’re feeling might be culture shock, and understand that it will pass.

Read some tips to help you overcome culture shock at Sussex.

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