Find out about your transcript and getting replacement certificates.

Difference between transcripts and certificates

An official transcript is a formal record of the modules studied during your degree.

A transcript can sometimes be referred to as a European Diploma Supplement. These are the same documents.

A certificate is the official recognition of your award outlining your qualification.

Getting your certificate and transcript

Final-year students

If you're attending a graduation ceremony, you will collect your certificate and final transcript on graduation day, unless you have already received them prior to the ceremony.

If you choose not to attend your ceremony, you can either collect your certificate/transcript from the University or have it sent to you after your graduation ceremony has taken place. If you have a UK address, your certificate will be sent by recorded delivery, or by UPS if you have an international address. Please log in to Sussex Direct and using the ‘Personal’ tab navigate to ‘Contact Information’ to check we have the correct home address; please update if required.

If you have been awarded an Ordinary degree pending resits in the A3 assessment period, and depending on these marks your final award will be confirmed at the resit assessment boards in early September. Certificates are not issued where resits are pending. Final certificates and transcripts will be sent out following the resit assessment boards.

Continuing students

You can request an interim transcript, confirming the results of modules you have studied so far.

Request an interim transcript as a continuing student.

We cannot issue a final transcript until your degree has been awarded.

If you’re a BSMS student, contact the University of Brighton’s alumni services.

Former students

You can request transcripts separately if you:

Request a transcript as a former Sussex student.

We aim to process transcripts within 20 working days, however it can take longer at busy times or for older records.

Transcripts are usually sent as a digital pdf document.

Physical copies of your transcript

If you request a physical copy of your transcript, this will be sent by Royal Mail 1st Class or standard Airmail and can be sent in signed and sealed envelopes if you request this. Airmail can take up to 21 days to arrive. You can request your documents to be sent by courier to one address, but there is an extra £35 charge for doing so.


The charges for documents and postage are:

1 Transcript / European Diploma Supplement


2 Transcripts / European Diploma Supplements


3 Transcripts / European Diploma Supplements


4 Transcripts / European Diploma Supplements


5 Transcripts / European Diploma Supplements


6 Transcripts / European Diploma Supplements


7 Transcripts / European Diploma Supplements


8 Transcripts / European Diploma Supplements


10 Transcripts / European Diploma Supplements


15 Transcripts / European Diploma Supplements


We will send you a link to pay through the Sussex online shop. 

You must provide a delivery address where you will be able to sign for the documents in-person.

Graduates from 1990 or earlier

Sometimes a transcript is not always available and in this instance we would provide an official letter  which confirms the award gained and dates of study.

Getting a copy of your degree certificate

If you have your degree certificate, we can provide a certified copy of the original for free.

Email a scanned copy of your original certificate to

Replacement certificates

If your award certificate has been lost or damaged, you can apply for a replacement certificate.

Important: The certificate which the University issues as proof of the conferment of an award is an important document which should be carefully preserved. The University will not issue additional copies or duplicates to any applicant holding an undamaged original certificate. Duplicates, while having precisely the same standing as the originals which they replace, are produced in the format currently in use and may not be a facsimile of the original. The loss or destruction of a certificate is a serious matter and a duplicate will only be issued at the discretion of the University. The University reserves the right not to issue a duplicate, nor to specify reasons for its decision.

As part of the application process, you must submit:

  • your passport or driving licence as photographic identification
  • if you have changed your name since you graduated, a document confirming your name change – for example, a marriage certificate.


The charges for documents and postage are:

To a UK address

A Replacement Certificate ONLY  by Royal Mail, signed for


A Replacement Certificate AND a Transcript by Royal Mail, signed for


To a Non-UK address

A Replacement Certificate ONLY to a non-UK address by courier


A Replacement Certificate AND a transcript to a non-UK address by courier


We will send you a link to pay through the Sussex online shop.

You must provide a delivery address where you will be able to sign for the documents in-person.

Apply for a replacement certificate.

Students at partner institutions

If you’re a student, or former student, at a partner institution, and you want a transcript of your course modules, contact your partner institution directly.

View contact details for all Sussex partner institutions.

You can also apply for a replacement partnership institution certificate if you studied with one of our partners.

You are subject to the certificate rules and costs above.

If you have questions about other forms or documents relating to your institution, contact the Sussex Partnerships office.

Letters and forms

If you need other documents to prove your status as a student, find out: