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Find out about the University of Sussex's Digital Media Gurus.

Introducing our Digital Media Gurus

Our Digital Media Gurus are current Sussex students who are paid to work flexibly for the University.

They help cover events across campus and locally on our social media feeds while completing an internship, which also helps with their job prospects. Since starting the scheme in 2017, many have gone on to work in social and digital media after graduating.

Our Gurus have worked on some of the biggest events, activities and campaigns across campus and Sussex.

From covering events like Brighton Pride or the Brighton Marathon on our Instagram stories, to helping develop, write and feature in our Spot the Bot Clearing campaign, no two days are the same for our Gurus. One even edited a graduation video that Sky News shared on Twitter to more than four million followers.

Digital Guru Georgia


Hey! I’m Georgia, a Media and Communication student and photographer. I’m also a blogger-turned-activist: using my social influence to campaign about politics and education. As a big believer in using social media for good, I love my Digital Guru role and can’t wait to see where it takes me!

Digital Guru Lola


Hey! I’m Lola, a Media Production with Economics student. I also do photography and videography for a fitness channel. I’ll be capturing content in and around the University of Sussex, so stay tuned!

Digital Guru Sky


"Nei Ho" (Hello in Cantonese)! I'm a media student and I'm from Hong Kong. I make content – mainly photography and cinematography – and I love to share them with people from different places. Stay tuned to Sussex's social media and I'll see you soon!

Digital Guru Pie


Hello there! My name is Pie. I’m a Biomedical Science student who loves photography and using social media. I believe that social media is platform where you can share good things and spread positivity to your audience, and I’ll try my best to do that as well! See you soon :)

Digital Guru Sam


What’s up? My name’s Sam. I’m a student who’s into film and all things digital. Being a Philosophy, Politics and Economics student I’m passionate about the media’s ability to communicate politics to the public. Keep an eye out as you scroll through the University’s social pages – you’ll probably see me about.

Digital Guru Piraveena


Hey! I’m Piraveena, a Media Production student. I love photography and making new innovative content! I’ll be capturing moments and events in and around the university, so follow the Sussex social media pages to keep updated!

Digital Guru Josh


Hiya! I’m Josh, a British-Irish Global Media and Communications student. As well as being actively involved within Sussex’s student media, I’m also a freelance videographer, voice-over artist and dancer, pursuing a career in digital content creation. Look out for my video content on Sussex’s social media channels!

Digital Guru Emma


Hello! I’m Emma (she/her). I’m a English Language and Literature student, who is just as hopelessly lost as you are. I love to read and write (shocker) and I am enjoying the adventure of being a Digital Media Guru for the Uni ☺

See some examples of our Gurus' work below and more highlights on our Instagram.

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