The Education Awards 2020

Say thank you to a member of staff who has made a difference to your Sussex experience by nominating them for an Education Award.

About the awards

The Education Awards is your opportunity to recognise members of staff who are having a positive impact on your time at University, and who embody the spirt and values of the University of Sussex.

Perhaps you’d like to nominate someone who has gone above and beyond to support you, or maybe an academic who has inspired you with their creative approach to teaching. We want to hear from you about those outstanding people who make studying at Sussex a great experience, whether they're a member of the teaching staff or Professional Services.

Award categories

There are five awards categories, four of which are open to all University staff and one (Teaching to Disrupt award) which is only open to academic teaching staff. Both staff and students can make nominations.

Awards for any member of staff

Sussex Spirit Award: This award is for people who demonstrate our five core values of kindness, integrity, inclusion, collaboration and courage. This could be a staff member who has gone out of their way to help you or others, or who always tries to work collaboratively with their students or other members of staff.

Transformative Technology Award: This award is for staff who use technology in interesting and innovative ways to enhance your learning experience. It could be new, leading-edge technology or using existing technology in a new and exciting way.

The Better World Award: This award will recognise staff who are having a positive impact in our local community and beyond. This might include examples of where community engagement is part of the curriculum.

Learning Together Award: This award is for staff who have worked with you to help you feel part of your teaching and learning experience. Maybe you worked with them on a research project or collaborated on redesigning the curriculum. In this category, you should nominate a team made up of staff and students who have worked together.

Award for academic teaching staff

Teaching to Disrupt Award: This recognises teaching staff who dare to be different in their approach to teaching. These are people who have inspired you to think critically or in an entrepreneurial way through their innovative and pioneering teaching.


Nominations for The Education Awards are now closed.