The Education Awards 2019

Say thank you to a member of staff who has made a difference to your Sussex experience by nominating them for an Education Award.

About the awards

The Education Awards for 2019 took place on 11 June in the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts.

Read a news article about the Education Awards.

Award categories

There were five awards categories, allowing you to acknowledge staff from across the University.

Awards for any member of staff

Sussex Spirit Award: This is for people who demonstrate our values of kindness, integrity, inclusion, collaboration and courage. This could be a staff member who has gone out of their way to help you or others, or who always tries to work collaboratively with their students or other members of staff.

Transformative Technology Award: This is for staff who use technology in interesting and innovative ways to enhance your learning experience. It could be new, leading-edge technology or using existing technology in a new way.

The Better World Award: This will recognise staff who are having a positive impact in our local community and beyond. These are people who make sure community engagement is part of the curriculum.

Award for a team of staff and students

The Learning Together Award is for staff who have worked with you to help you feel part of your teaching experience. Maybe you worked with them on a research project or collaborated on redesigning the curriculum. You should nominate a team made up of staff and students who have worked together.

Award for academic teaching staff

The Teaching to Disrupt Award recognises teaching staff who dare to be different in their approach to teaching. These are people who have inspired you to think critically or in an entrepreneurial way through their innovative and pioneering teaching.

Winners and nominees

Here are the winners and nominees for each category.

Sussex Spirit award


  • Elizabeth Mills
  • Irene Dallaway Gonzalez
  • Verity Holmes
  • David Berry
  • John Walker.


  • Mark Bagley
  • Hester Barron
  • Stephanie Berry
  • Deborah Brown, Rebecca Webb and Jacqueline Young
  • Louise Gazeley
  • Carl Griffin
  • Geeta Hitch
  • Robert James
  • Jane Lambert
  • Jennifer Mankin
  • Ellie Margott
  • John Masterson
  • Barry Maughan
  • Graeme Pedlingham
  • Rebecca Prentice
  • Althea-Maria Rivas
  • Yusuf Sayed
  • Charlotte Skeet
  • Divya Tolia-Kelly
  • Jo Tregenza
  • Chris Turnbull and Jane Lambert.

Teaching to Disrupt award


  • Gurminder Bhambra
  • Andy Field
  • Lucy Finchett-Maddock.


  • Bugewa Apampa
  • Emily Danvers, Tamsin Hinton-Smith and Rebecca Webb
  • Emile Devereaux
  • Ben Fincham
  • Paul Gilbert
  • Mary Lee
  • Jenna Macciochi
  • Simon Morley
  • Melanie Richter-Montpetit
  • Althea-Maria Rivas
  • Lorraine Smith
  • Benno Teschke
  • Rebecca Webb
  • Matthew Westgarth.

Transformative Technology award


  • Femi Amao
  • Joanna Richardson
  • Verona Ni Drisceoil.


  • David Berry
  • Andrew Chitty
  • Tara Hadley
  • Stephen Kiely.

The Better World award


  • Michael Taylor
  • Natasha Mansley and John Parry
  • BrightMed Programme (Charlotte Smyrk, Sam Wickham and BSMS Outreach Teaching Mentors, Brighton and Sussex Medical School).


  • Paul Boyce
  • Annette Buttifant
  • Andrew Chitty
  • Julian Dunne
  • Isabel Fischer and Jacqueline O’Reilly
  • Malcolm James
  • Zahira Jaser
  • Alexandra Pearson
  • Katy Petherick
  • Claire Potter
  • William McCready
  • Maria Moscati
  • Emilia Roycroft
  • Kingsley Sage
  • John Walker.

Learning Together award


Chloe Ali, Emily Boswell, Aaron Britto, Tia Bryen, Kirsty Campbell, Raphaella Christou, Christine Hancock, Denise Kingston and Matthew Westgarth
School of Education and Social Work

Andrew Donald, Yuki Kikuchi and Susan Smith
Student Experience and University of Sussex Business School

The Sussex Clinic
Legal Education Programme
School of Law, Politics and Sociology


Amy Moorhouse and the Campus and Residential Support Team
Student Experience

BrightMed Programme (Charlotte Smyrk, Sam Wickham and BSMS Outreach Teaching Mentors)
Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Andre Clacken-Lewin, Claire Kettle and Oliver Pearson
The Library

Kevin Hardwell and Marco Peccianti
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Liberty Bartlett, Tobi Brown, Hoi Kei Chang, Susie Collins, Sade Edinboro, Marilia Karmioti, Ian Tong Loi and Sue Robbins
Sussex Centre for Language Studies

Chloe Anthony, Emily Lydgate and the Pesticides Action Network

Tim Cane and Mick Frogley
School of Global Studies

Philip Bremner, Julia Ferguson, Marie Hutton, Jane Lambert, Julia Moffat and Verona Ni Drisceoil
School of Law, Politics and Sociology

Alessandro Cerri, Fabrizio Salvatore, Veronica Sanz and David Seery
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences