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Council tax exemptions

Find out what council tax is, if you are exempt and when you might need to pay.

Council tax

Council tax is a payment collected by Brighton & Hove City Council for local services such as the police and fire service. The amount you pay is based on your property and the number of people living there.

Council tax exemption

To be exempt from paying council tax you must prove you and everyone in your household is in full-time education. You do this by completing an exemption form on the Brighton & Hove City Council website.

If one person living in your property is not a full-time registered student, you will need to pay council tax, but the household will receive a 25% discount on the bill. If two or more people living in your property are not full-time registered students, you will need to pay the whole council tax bill as a household.

Council tax outside of term time

If you are about to start your first year of study and move into a private sector property before you register at the University, you will need to pay council tax for the period before your University registration.

Example: If your tenancy starts on 1 August and your register as a student at the University on 20 September, you will need to pay council tax for August and September.

If you are not in your first or final year of study, you will need to pay council tax from the official start of your tenancy until the day that you notify the city council that you are moving into the property (not just the day you receive your keys).

Example: If you contact the city council to say that you have collected keys on 1 August but will not be moving into the property until 1 September, you will need to pay council tax during the period that the property is unoccupied (August).

If you are in your final year of study you will need to pay council tax from the date that your student status ends.

Example: If your final exams were at the end of June but your tenancy ends on 1 September, you will need to pay council tax for July and August.  

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