Being a good neighbour

Find out how to develop a good relationship with your neighbours, so you can settle into your new community.

Introduce yourself

You could introduce yourself to your neighbours on the day you move in.

It is useful to get on with your neighbours as you’ll be able to ask for advice, such as finding out when your bin collection days are.

Try to keep the noise down

If you plan on having a party, let your neighbours know in advance and tell them when it will finish.

Try and plan parties for a Friday or Saturday night – during the week your neighbours may have work or school.

Remember to:

  • keep the noise as low as possible and within your property
  • keep windows and doors shut
  • ask people to come inside at a reasonable time if you are using your garden at night
  • speak to guests about behaving considerately (remember, you are responsible for their behaviour)
  • think about the position of TVs and stereos in your property. Try to avoid placing them against walls you share with neighbours and turn the bass down.

Neighbours can complain about your behaviour to:

  • your landlord or letting agent – they can enforce clauses in the tenancy agreement and take action
  • environmental health at Brighton & Hove City Council – it can serve warnings about noise and noise abatement notices, which are legally enforceable (and if broken you could be taken to court)
  • us – as a student you have signed up to the Student Charter, agreeing to behave considerately in the community. If your behaviour breaks this then we have a complaints process in place, which includes disciplinary action.

Keep your property clean and tidy

You should try to keep your property and street tidy. You can do this by:

  • ensuring your bin does not overflow. Wildlife may rip open bin bags spilling the contents on to the street. If you need a bigger bin ask your landlord or contact the city council
  • checking what you can recycle. You will need to put glass in a separate box from the rest
  • bringing your bins in after the refuse and recycling has been collected so you don’t lose your bins or block the pavement
  • donating any unwanted items to charity.

You will need to contact the council if you need to get bulky waste removed (there may be a fee for this) or you can take it to the tip.

For garden waste you will need to get in touch with the council to order a garden waste bin. There is a charge for this service.

Get involved in the community

You can get involved by:

  • signing up to volunteer in your community
  • signing up to hear about and attend community events.

Look after your home

Make sure you:

  • remember to lock up, including locking your windows and doors when you go out
  • let your neighbours know if your house is going to be empty for a long period of time.

Find out more about looking after your home.

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