Submitting work through Mahara

Check how to submit assignments using Mahara – our portfolio tool for combining different pieces of work into one assessment.

Before you submit your work

Your tutor should tell you if you need to submit a Mahara portfolio and what to include.

You’ll need to build your portfolio of work in Mahara before you can submit it.

How to submit work

To submit your work, you’ll need to log into Mahara.


See detailed guidance on how to submit your work in Mahara. You’ll need to log in to see this.

This guidance also covers setting up and editing your portfolio.

When to submit

You can submit your portfolio at any time before your due date or in the late period if you haven’t already submitted.

Check your due date and any permissible lateness period in Sussex Direct.

If you submit after your due date, you’ll usually incur a penalty. If you submit after the permissible lateness period your work will not be marked and will count as a non-submission.

Important: Mahara will not stop you submitting after your due date or the late period. It’s your responsibility to submit at the right time.

Resubmitting your portfolio

If you have made a mistake in your portfolio, you can submit an alternative portfolio to the same module.

Contact your tutor to let them know you have done this. Indicate the time of your resubmission to help them identify the correct portfolio for marking. Your tutor will only mark a replacement submission if you submitted it before the due date.

Important: Your resubmission will not be marked if made during a late period, even if you have a penalty waiver.

Building a portfolio in Mahara

Mahara is an electronic portfolio system that allows a combination of several distinct but related pieces of work to be presented as a single assessment task.

See guidance on how to use Mahara to build a portfolio and add different types of content once you have logged in.

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