If you are a current student and you want to do an internship in France (or another EU country), you may need a Convention de Stage to work.

What is a Convention de Stage?

A Convention de Stage is a three-way contract between you, an employer and the University of Sussex.

Your Convention de Stage will include:

  • the dates when your internship starts and ends
  • your job title
  • the general tasks you will carry out.


You can be issued a Convention de Stage if you are a Sussex student who has been accepted onto an internship in France (or another EU country that requires it) and:

  • undertake a full-time internship in the vacation period (if you are a Masters students you do not have summer vacation period so cannot be issued a Convention de Stage)
  • go on a full-time internship as part of your course (for example, a professional placement for undergraduates or a placement as part of a module for postgraduates).

We cannot give you a Convention de Stage form until you have been accepted onto an internship, because we need a signature from the company that is hiring you to complete the form.

How to apply

You must complete a request form (CareerHub login required). It generally takes around one week for us to process these requests.

Graduate internships

Important: You must be a registered Sussex student for the entire duration of the internship for us to issue a Convention de Stage. We cannot issue a Convention de Stage after the completion date of your studies (usually mid-June for undergraduate students and the end of September for postgraduate students). However, we are aware that employers in a number of countries insist on an internship agreement before the internship can take place. In this instance, we are happy to provide a letter of support to Sussex graduates requiring this. Contact us with the name and contact details of the organisation and details of the internship (including dates).

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