Find out if you are eligible for an extended assessment deadline and how to apply.

Before you apply

To apply for an assessment deadline extension, you must have had this agreed as a reasonable adjustment by Disability Advice.

If you have not done this, please submit a consent form with evidence so the Disability Advice team can consider your need for adjustments.

Important: Requests for deadline extensions must be made at least 10 working days before the original assessment deadline, not the end of the penalty waiver period. If there is less than 10 working days notice, you will need to submit an Exceptional Circumstances claim for 'non-submission' or 'impairment'. Requesting 'lateness' will only remove any late penalty, which will already be permitted via your reasonable adjustments.

Students staying with us as part of a summer school are not able to apply for deadline extensions due to the short nature of the programme.

Using extensions to assessment deadlines

If you have clustered deadlines e.g. two assessments due on the same day, or three assessments due in the same week, and you are concerned about being able to meet these deadlines, you can request extensions on individual, permissible assessment deadlines by completing this form.

Please note that we can only support extension requests as reasonable adjustments for formal assessments that are published on your Sussex Direct assessment timetable. For informal/non-assessed work that does not appear on your Sussex Direct assessment timetable, please speak to your module tutor. Extensions cannot be applied to group written submissions or take away papers.

A deadline extension will be in addition to the lateness period penalty waiver and will follow the same timeframe, e.g. usually either +24 hours or +7 days, depending on the lateness period that has been set by your school for your submission.

If you choose to use the extension request function in a way other than to break up a cluster of deadlines, such as requesting extensions on all of your upcoming deadlines, it will be your responsibility to manage your workload and time effectively in order to meet your extended deadlines.