Search for a buddy to help you settle in or get out and about, or find a mentor to guide you with your studies.

Find a buddy

If making friends at Sussex is taking longer than you first thought, you can meet up with like-minded people through the Students’ Union Buddy Scheme.

Once you sign up to the scheme, you’re assigned a buddy and can meet up for lunch, go to organised events or just hang out.

If you want to practise another language, you can socialise with others at a Language Cafe. It is run by the Students’ Union.

Get a mentor

Mentors are people who may have already been through something you need help with.

They can be current students who are farther into their Sussex journey, or former students (alumni) who want to help.

Student mentors in your school

Your school of study may have a mentoring scheme in place. These mentors are typically students in their second or third year, or even doing a Masters.

It's confidential to speak to a mentor – your information won’t be shared.

The following schools have details online:

The timings of sessions and amount of time given varies between schools.

Alumni mentors

People who previously studied at Sussex might be able to help you and nurture your ambitions for the future.

Join the global Sussex Connect scheme, which puts current students in touch with alumni.

You can find useful contacts and mentors among thousands of alumni willing to help.

You can also use the scheme to make connections with other alumni once you leave Sussex.