Find information on maintaining safe and healthy relationships during your time at Sussex.

Sex and relationships

As a community, we are working to promote the values of Respect, Equality, Diversity and Safety (REDS) at Sussex. This work takes the form of workshops, resources, communications, and interactive activities.

REDS Healthy Relationships workshop

Understanding the boundaries of healthy relationships is key to having an enjoyable and safe time at University, and all students are invited to attend one of our REDS Healthy Relationships workshops.

The REDS Healthy Relationships workshop has been developed in partnership with Sussex students and will be delivered by postgraduate student trainers who already have experience in this area.

During the two-hour session you’ll think about different types of relationships including romantic relationships, sexual relationships and friendships. It’s designed to be interactive, engaging and to promote discussion and learning between students.

By the end of the workshop we hope to:

  • increase your understanding of healthy relationships and consent
  • increase your understanding of unhealthy relationships including sexual/domestic violence and abuse
  • make you more aware of how to find help and support
  • identify steps we can all take to help build a positive culture on campus and in our community.

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You can get in touch through My Sussex if you have any questions about these workshops.

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse can mean any kind of physical or emotional abuse between those in a current or past intimate or family relationship.

Whatever the situation, if you, a family member or a friend is being abused, threatened, physically or sexually assaulted by a partner, ex-partner or family member, this is domestic abuse, also called domestic violence. Find out more about domestic abuse and the support available.

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