Housing waiting list

If you’re not guaranteed housing with your Sussex offer, you can register your interest in University accommodation.

Joining our housing waiting list

You can register your interest in rooms or properties that are managed by us.

Guaranteed housing

Some students are guaranteed accommodation as part of their offer. If you’re not sure, check if you are already guaranteed accommodation.

If you are guaranteed accommodation with us, complete the application for guaranteed accommodation though the Sussex portal.

If you are not guaranteed accommodation, you can join our waiting list.

The list is currently only for:

  • postgraduate students.

Joining the waiting list does not guarantee you University accommodation. After submitting our form, your request for accommodation at Sussex will be registered.

We will contact everyone on the waiting list with an update on their status and aim to provide room offers in August.

Please do not contact us about your position on the waiting list or the likelihood that you will be housed, as we are not able to give you this information.

Important: If you ended a previous contract for University-managed accommodation with unpaid rent, or were found to have breached your previous accommodation terms and conditions, you will not be made a waiting list offer of accommodation.

Getting taken off the list

If you no longer need accommodation, and want to be removed from the waiting list, email housing@sussex.ac.uk.

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