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Gain work experience by tackling a real-life challenge faced by an organisation. Learn how to develop a project, work in a team and deliver your findings to a client in a supportive setting.

About student consultancy

Student consultancy is an opportunity to gain work experience on a live business project. You will receive training on how to manage a project, work in a team, deliver a presentation and how best to sell yourself and your experience on your CV and in interviews.

There will be two opportunities, one in the spring term and one in the summer. The spring programme is part-time over four weeks (20 February to 17 March 2023), while the summer programme will be full-time over two weeks (5 to 16 June 2023).

About the spring programme

Working flexible part-time hours over a four-week period, student teams will learn how to listen to clients’ business challenge, research and analyse the problem, then deliver their findings to the client in a fully supported setting.

You will receive a bursary towards living expenses.

Why you should take part

You will:

  • develop skills with tangible examples such as teamwork, project management and public speaking
  • gain experience working as a consultant
  • boost your confidence
  • build new connections with other students and employers
  • increase your knowledge in consultancy and project management.

You will benefit from:

  • learning how to conduct a consultancy project by professional consultants (previous consultant speakers having included representatives from Ernst and Young (EY) and McKinsey and Company)
  • training on how to deliver a business-style presentation to a client, including one-to-one practice session with your group and a careers consultant
  • live workshop on how to present your experience in CVs and during interviews.

What you will do

You will work in small groups with other finalist undergraduate students and taught postgraduate students to research, analyse and recommend strategies for a business in line with a project brief.

Potential topics might include:

  • improving an organisation’s social media presence
  • reviewing and recommending sustainability practices
  • testing a product/service/website for usability and navigation
  • helping businesses recover from the impact of COVID-19
  • analysing market trends and competitors
  • investigating potential new products and services.

When does it happen

  • The spring programme is part-time over four weeks (20 February to 17 March 2023).
  • The summer programme is full-time over two weeks (5 to 16 June 2023).

On the launch day, you will receive pre-project training by professional consultants as well as an introductory meeting and project briefing with your client.

You will have 100 combined hours to complete the project within your team, and the chance to meet with your client halfway through for questions and updates.

Students work flexibly over the programme period with their team.

All students are expected to be available on the launch day for the initial training session and two other live training workshops during the project.

At the end of the programme, students can attend a live workshop on how to present experiences on CVs.

How to apply

Applications are now open. The deadline to apply is 22 January 2023.

Apply NOW

No prior knowledge or work experience is required as full training and ongoing support is provided. Students who have no prior work experience are particularly welcome to apply. 

You apply individually, and will be allocated to a group and project according to your discipline and/or the skills you can bring.

If successful, you will be contacted very shortly after the deadline with further details and training dates.

The programme is open to final year undergraduate students and taught postgraduate students.

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