We have a dedicated space for co-creative work between students and staff. Find out how and when you can use the Co-Creation Space.

Using the Co-Creation Space

This designated space in the new Student Centre is a fantastic resource for our Student Connectors, working with Staff Connectors, highlighting the benefits and importance of co-creative work.

What the space is for

The space should be used for co-creative work only. This includes working together as a student or staff team, as an all-student team, or independently on tasks related to Connector projects and other creative work.

The space is flexible and can be used for team or one-to-one meetings as well as individual work.

What it’s not for

The space is not suited for activities which require privacy or confidentiality.

It should not be used for academic study or other professional work. Anyone working on tasks not related to co-creation will be asked to use other spaces in the Student Centre.

Kitchen and staff areas

Beyond the Co-Creation Space is an open kitchen space, which Connectors are welcome to use. Make sure the kitchen is kept clean and tidy.

There is also a staff hot-desking space, in which staff may be doing confidential work and having private meetings. Please do not enter this area and be respectful and considerate of those working there.

Accessing the Co-Creation Space

All students employed as Student Connectors, as well as staff working on Connector projects, can use the space for co-creation projects during the academic year. Other student and staff collaborative groups may also be given access.

To gain access, go to the Welcome desk on the ground floor and show your student or staff ID card. The staff will check that the name/project is allowed in the space and will provide an access card for you, which can be used to open the doors to the room. The access card must be returned when you leave.

Only students issued with an access card should enter the space, and should not bring in other students or staff members with them.

Opening hours

The Co-Creation Space is open from 9am-6pm every weekday. The downstairs shared areas of the Student Centre will be open 24/7.

A positive space

Everyone using the space will have a shared experience of working on co-creative projects, most likely as a Connector. The space offers the perfect opportunity to network with other staff and students, to learn about others’ work, to collaborate and build connections.

Important: The Connector Programme has developed a set of expectations for using the space to ensure everyone has a positive and productive experience. Everyone should be able to feel comfortable and work productively in this space. We expect you to be respectful and interact positively with each other. Read the Co-Creation Space Code of Conduct [PDF 152 KB].

Be considerate of making too much noise. Use the space for its intended purpose and leave it neat and tidy after use.

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