See the options available for raising a concern about a service at Sussex.

Staff grievance procedure

If you’re a student who has a concern about a Sussex member of staff, follow our student complaints procedure.

If you’re employed by Sussex and have a concern about another staff member, you should consult the staff grievance procedure [PDF 161KB].

All students and staff should observe our Dignity and Respect Policy.

Giving feedback

Find out about the opportunities for giving us feedback.

Report and Support

If you are not sure about submitting a complaint to the University and would like to talk it through with an advisor, use our Report + Support tool where you can disclose an incident and get support.

You can also use this tool if you or someone else has experienced behaviours such as bullying, harassment, a hate incident, sexual violence, domestic abuse or discrimination.

You may want to take a look at our advice about how to stay safe on and off campus and more health and wellbeing support.