Check what happens when you apply for a Connector role and see our do-and-don’t tips.

How to find Connector roles

New Connector roles are available throughout the year.

All roles are advertised on CareerHub – log in and search “connector” to find the latest roles, job descriptions and application forms.

You can also follow us on Instagram to see when new roles become available.

Who can be a Connector?

Students at Sussex, IDS or BSMS can become Connectors and we encourage students from all backgrounds to apply for Connector roles.

Find out about the Connector programme and who can get involved.

How to apply

There are two main stages in the application process: the written application and the selection event.

Written application

The application form will be attached in the Connector job advert on CareerHub.

You answer a series of questions based on your motivation for applying and how you demonstrate the Sussex values of Kindness, Integrity, Inclusion, Collaboration and Courage.


  • answer the whole question – this may seem obvious, but make sure you read it carefully and think about how you would demonstrate the Sussex values in your answer
  • use specific examples where you can – for example, you could talk about work experience, your studies or personal life
  • use the STAR structure when showing your skills – explain the Situation, what your Task was, what Action you took and what the final Results were
  • use the space to your advantage – you have 300 words for each question.


  • worry if you don’t have lots of experience because we are looking for students who are willing to develop their personal and professional skills
  • write over the 300-word limit for each question, or write one-sentence answers
  • answer a different question – focus on what we're asking you and don’t waffle or mention irrelevant things
  • be vague – use examples and explain why you are using them.

Selection event

If your written application is successful, you will be invited to a selection event.

At this event, you will be asked to complete some interactive group activities with the other applicants.

We will be looking for candidates who show the potential for great communication, teamwork, problem-solving and organisation.


  • dress appropriately
  • be ready to contribute ideas and opinions
  • interact positively with other candidates by listening and working together
  • listen carefully to your tasks instructions and timings
  • bring any questions you have about the role as there will be opportunities to ask the staff team.


  • be late – if it’s unavoidable let us know in advance
  • get distracted by things outside the task – put your phone out of eyesight
  • worry about your level of professional experience – you are being assessed on how you demonstrate your skills during the selection event
  • feel you have to speak/lead all the time to do well – we are looking for all kinds of team-players
  • be nervous – all candidates are in the same situation and we just want you to do well.

Help and advice

If you need any reasonable adjustments, we will accommodate requests wherever possible for the:

  • written application, such as voice-recording your answers instead of writing them or getting definitions of words or phrases
  • selection event, like having instructions for tasks printed out, having closed captions on for video events or more information about tasks in advance.

Email to ask for reasonable adjustments

If you want general applicant advice, contact Careers and Entrepreneurship for help and advice on written applications and participating in selection events.

After you apply

You will be receive an email from us with the outcome of your application.

If you’re not successful

We strongly encourage everyone to apply for Connector roles again, if they are not successful after the first application. The next time an interesting role appears, you will have learnt and developed since the last one and be in a better position to apply.

If you made it to the selection event we will offer you feedback from the facilitators. It’s always a good idea to ask for feedback to help you reflect and develop your approach to job applications.

If you are successful

If you’re chosen to become a Connector, the next steps are:

  • completing right to work checks (a legal requirement for all student staff)
  • attending a Student Connector induction session to learn more about the programme and meet other Connectors
  • starting your role.

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