Find out what the Connector Programme is and what it’s like to be a Student Connector.

What is the Connector programme?

The Connector Programme involves students and staff working as equal partners, collaborating to improve the student experience at Sussex.

Through co-creation, Connector teams develop careers support, embed technology in learning, design new course modules and more.

Connector projects make a real difference to Student Connectors, Staff Connectors and the University community.

See examples of the work of Student Connectors.

Who can be a Connector?

Students at Sussex, IDS or BSMS can become Connectors. Some Connector projects will hire students from specific courses, levels of study or other area, but most roles will be open for any student to apply.

You don’t need any professional experience; we’re looking for creativity, teamwork skills and your individual perspective as a student.

We want students who are keen to develop skills and confidence through training, feedback and experience, and who understand the value of students and staff working together to improve our University.

Inclusivity is hugely important to us. We want to amplify the voices of under-represented student groups.

We encourage students from all backgrounds to apply for Connector roles but are particularly interested in applications from:

  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students
  • students with a disability
  • care-leavers
  • young carers
  • refugee or asylum-seeking students
  • mature students
  • students from military families
  • students from a Gypsy, Roma or Traveller background.

Meet our Connectors and see what they do.

What Connector roles involve

There are Connector projects set up all across the University, so the focus of your role depends on which project you work on.

On any project, you can expect to:

  • attend meetings with staff
  • collaborate with other Connectors
  • work independently to develop ideas and plans
  • conduct research with the wider student community
  • manage your own time, tasks, emails and calendars
  • be supported to reflect on your development in the role.

Connector roles are allocated a regular number of hours to work each week, but there is flexibility based on your schedule so you can easily study and work.

What you gain from the role

As a Student Connector you develop professional and personal skills, build your confidence and become part of a community of students and staff who want to make change together.

You’ll also get paid to do it. Connector roles are paid at £9.50 per hour (payroll adds 12.1% in lieu of paid holiday, so this works out as a total of £10.65 per hour).

Roles are flexible around your studies.

In addition, our Student Connectors say they have gained:

  • interpersonal skills
  • leadership experience
  • team-work and collaboration
  • organisation and time-management skills
  • self-confidence in working independently
  • good relationships and connections with staff
  • a sense of community and friendship with other Student Connectors
  • new opportunities and challenges to learn and develop.

Find out more about what students have gained in their roles as Connectors.

Part of the Connector community

The Connector community is a collaborative space made up of students and staff from across the University working together.

It’s a positive, diverse and welcoming environment where students feel supported and connected to each other and the wider Sussex community.

You can always talk to someone and share your thoughts, ideas and any concerns you may have, both personally and in your Connector work. You never feel bored as there are regular opportunities to interact and socialise with other students and make friends.

Support for Connectors

You’ll be supported by our diverse network of students and staff within the Connector Programme, from the first day of training to your last day of work.

Your line manager and Connector staff look out for you and support you personally in all the work you do. You meet them weekly to discuss your work and check how everything is going. They are very accommodating and flexible so there is no pressure.

You can gain valuable insight into life as a Connector and track your progress by setting your own development goals and reflecting on them.

Our network makes the role of a Connector fun and dynamic – you never know what opportunities are around the corner.

How to become a Connector

All roles are advertised on CareerHub – log in and search “connector” to find the latest roles.

You can also follow us on Instagram to see when new roles become available.

Find out about the application process.


Downoad our Connector Programme Impact Report for 2022 [PDF 4.5MB] for more information about what Student Connectors have achieved.

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