Student Hub

Add a new dimension to your university life, and bolster your job prospects, by giving a bit of your time for a good cause.

Volunteer with the Students’ Union

There are plenty of ways to volunteer through the Students’ Union.

These include the:

  • Language Cafe, where fluent speakers help run activities at our virtual cafe
  • Buddy Scheme, where you pair up with a like-minded student for social contact.


You can support other students by becoming a mentor, note-taker or exam helper.

If you think you would benefit from a mentor to help with your studies, many of our schools have specially-trained students to guide you.

Your time

Make sure you factor in the time you need to study but also be kind to yourself – it’s important to relax.

Don’t volunteer more hours than you feel comfortable with or feel pressured into giving more time than you’d like to.

When you volunteer, add in the time it takes to get to and from the location. Even getting around the local area can take longer than you think.