Making changes to your police registration

Find out how to update your details with the police.

What changes to report

You need to tell the police about any of the following changes:

  • new address (if you will be living there for more than two months)
  • extensions to your visa
  • new passport
  • new study information or change of course provider
  • marital status
  • exemption from police registration
  • nationality
  • any new landing condition (given when you enter the UK).

Sussex Police is offering appointments on a limited basis, so it can continue to comply with safe Covid-19 working practices.

Appointments will only take place in the mornings at police stations in Worthing, Brighton and Lewes, until further notice.

If you only need to update an address on your police certificate from one address to another Sussex address, you can do this at your local Sussex Police station without an appointment.

When to tell the police

You must report any changes to police within seven days.

How to report changes

If you’re only changing your address, you can do this at any police station within the Sussex area. This includes Brighton, Hove, Lewes, and Eastbourne.

You need to take:

Other changes

To make other changes (or several changes including your address) to your police registration certificate, you need to book an appointment.

Email the police to book an appointment following the same process as new students registering with the police.

Make sure you take all the documents you need. If you don’t do this, the police will not be able to see you.

The documents you need depend on the changes you need to make. See what documents to take with you.

Important: This appointment is not optional and you must arrive on time.

There is no cost for changes to your police registration.

If you have been out of the UK for over a year

If you have been outside the UK for 12 months or longer, you will need to pay for a new police registration certificate. This includes students who have been on field work or intermission.

You must do this within seven days.

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