Register with the police

Find out if you need to register with the police as an incoming student and how to do this.


Important: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all Sussex Police registration services are currently suspended.

Check the Sussex Police website for updates as the situation changes.

We are writing to all students affected. If you have any questions, contact us.

Check our Coronavirus advice for international students for more information and updates.

Who needs to register

Some students starting at Sussex must register with the police. It’s a legal requirement as part of their visa.

If you need to register, it’s usually written on your visa vignette or BRP as “register with the police within seven days” or stated in your accompanying letter.

This applies to you if:

  • you’re a student from a country on this government list (including Hong Kong and Macau passport-holders)
  • And you have a visa (or permission to stay in the UK) for longer than six months.

If you have dual nationality you only need to do this if both nationalities are on the list.


If your partner or children over 16 are coming with you, and they also need to register, they should also have this stated on their visa or in their letter.

How and when to register

Police registration takes place on campus.

You must book an appointment to register within seven days of your arrival in the UK.

If you’re already in the UK, and applied to extend your visa, you’ll need to book your appointment within seven days of receiving your new visa.


Do not make more than one appointment.

You’ll receive a confirmation, telling you when and where your appointment will be.

You must attend your appointment and turn up on time. This is not optional.

Registration form

You also need to complete a police registration form [DOC 632KB] and bring it with you.

What to bring with you

You must take the following items to your appointment:

If you don’t register

If you fail to register with the police, your permission to stay might be shortened and you’ll have to leave the UK. You can also be stopped from getting or extending a UK visa in future.

You could also have problems re-entering the UK or be fined up to £5,000.

The UK authorities will not accept you forgot or missed your appointment as an excuse.

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