Find out how to request a cash-flow loan if you have a financial emergency.

About the Welfare Loan

If you’re worried about short-term money problems, we can offer an interest-free loan of up to £700 to cover any immediate costs.

The Welfare Loan is different from our Hardship Fund because it is a loan you need to pay back.

You can spend the loan on whatever you need, but you must pay the money back within an agreed timeframe.

We do not assess your income when offering loans.


You can apply for a Welfare Loan as long as you:

Students who are not eligible

You are not able to request a Welfare Loan if you are:

  • on a study abroad or placement year
  • final year students resitting an assessment
  • paying continuation fees – for example, because you’re handing in your dissertation late
  • on temporary withdrawal
  • a Visiting and Exchange student
  • doing a Online Distance Learning course
  • studying a Skills and Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course
  • a graduate with completed status, having finished studying your course
  • studying through BSMS – see University of Brighton bridging loans.

If you are not eligible and you have problems with your financial commitments, you can speak to a Student Money Advisor to discuss your circumstances. Email

Requesting a Welfare Loan

Applications for the Welfare Loan are open throughout the year, including the summer. 

You ask for a Welfare Loan by filling in a short form. This takes about five minutes.

You can request up to £700 as a loan, but the amount you borrow can be lower if you need less cash.

Request Welfare Loan

Getting the loan money

You will get an initial auto-reply email confirming your request for a Welfare Loan.

Within seven days you should receive a follow-up email from us with the decision about your loan.

If we approve your loan, the payment will be made into your bank account by direct bank transfer.

Important: Your bank details must be up-to-date on Sussex Direct to receive payment.

It usually takes up to 10 days for the money to reach your account.

Repaying your Welfare Loan

When you request your loan, you suggest when you would like to repay it.

If this is within 30 days of your request, we will normally accept your suggested date. If it isn’t, we will set the repayment date for you.

This date can be extended for home-funded students over the summer to one week after the September maintenance loan installment.

You can repay the loan at any time before the repayment date through Sussex Direct.

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