Research participants

Give your time for research purposes across the University and you could make some cash, win a prize, get course credits or learn something different.

Research participants

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5 July 2019

DO YOU WANT 9£ FOR 1 HOUR OF YOUR TIME? JOIN OUR RISK-TAKING STUDY! In this study, we measure your level of risk taking and study how different tastes (sweet, sour, etc.) can affect this level. You could help us with this study and find out if you like taking risks! Conditions: - You are above 18 years - You have no food allergies - You are a non-smoker and not being pregnant You will be given a non-alcoholic shot, followed by a series of questions. Link to book the slot:

Contact: Contact Dr. Alexandra Polyakova for more information:

18 June 2019

We're looking for volunteers to take part in a MRI study to measure changes in the brain oxygen metabolism. The study will involve two MRI brain scans and the administration of a medicine called Methylene Blue. If you're healthy, aged between 18-60 years, with no history of any medical conditions and are interested in participating in this study, please contact Dr Alessandro Colasanti Participants will receive £180 compensation for time & travel expenses will be reimbursed

Contact: Dr Alessandro Colasanti Email: Phone no. 01273 876769

2 April 2019

Our team at BSMS are looking for healthy volunteers/volunteers with certain conditions to provide a small blood sample for research. The conditions that we want to research are coronary heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, ANCA associated vasculitis, coeliac disease, grave’s disease. We are trying to understand the effect of infections on the generation of immune responses against our own tissues.It will require 30 mins of your time and we can offer a small financial compensation(£15.00).

Contact: doctoral fellow) MRB, BSMS,UoS

21 February 2019

Do you experience anxiety? Do you or did you ever have flexible joints or joint instability? Check: We are looking for all adults with lived experience of anxiety and hypermobility to take part in developing non-drug treatments for anxiety. This would not affect your usual care. You will receive therapy sessions in Sussex. For more information please contact This study has been approved by the Bloomsbury NRES Committee London