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10 March 2023

We are looking for healthy volunteers and people with a diagnosis of POTS to take part in a brain-body research study, involving brain scans, physiological assessments, and completing questionnaires. You will earn from £10 - £40 for 1-4 hours of your time, plus reimbursement of travel expenses up to £40.

Contact: Amy Kartar -

12 January 2023

How does studying at home feel for you? Are there things, people, or resources you need to do this successfully? Has any of this changed as the Covid-19 global pandemic unfolded alongside your learning journey? If you feel you have something to say about any of these questions, I’d love to hear from you. I am looking for participants who started their studies on or before Sep 2020. Participation involves a creative task and a 45 minute interview. You will be given a £10 voucher for your time.

Contact: Email me to find out more: You can also see my research profile here:

22 October 2022

Participate in our cutting-edge research and get paid for your time! The University of Sussex Experimental Economics Lab (USEElab) runs economic experiments as part of their research at the Behavioural Lab in the Jubilee Building. The USEElab has set up an online recruitment system for participants. To receive email invites to participate in economic experiments, sign up here:

Contact: Matthew Embrey Department of Economics email:

6 May 2022

I'm currently recruiting participants alongside with 6 other Master students for our dissertation, exploring the relationship among mental health, wellbeing and burnout in University of Sussex students and employees. It involves an online self-report to be completed at the time of recruitment, one month later, and one year later (if you are still a member of the University in April/May 2023). Initial questionnaire will be approx 20 mins. The two follow up questionnaires will be shorter.

Contact: or