Research participants

Give your time for research purposes across the University and you could make some cash, win a prize, get course credits or learn something different.

Research participants

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28 July 2022

You are invited to take part in our study. We are testing people over the age of 18 with normal or corrected to normal vision. The testing session will take up to 1 hour, for which you will receive £7.50. You will be able to have a short break every 10/15 minutes. You will complete a series of visual tasks on a computer screen. In addition to these tasks, you will complete a short-term visual memory task.

Contact: Dylan Watts

11 July 2022

[£3 reimbursement] You are invited to take part in a 10-minute eye-tracking experiment. You will view images of buildings whilst your eyes will be tracked, non-invasively. The experiment takes place on Level 5 of Pevensey 2. Please contact me to arrange a day and time for your visit.


6 May 2022

I'm currently recruiting participants alongside with 6 other Master students for our dissertation, exploring the relationship among mental health, wellbeing and burnout in University of Sussex students and employees. It involves an online self-report to be completed at the time of recruitment, one month later, and one year later (if you are still a member of the University in April/May 2023). Initial questionnaire will be approx 20 mins. The two follow up questionnaires will be shorter.

Contact: or