Check where to get the dates and times for your examinations and where they will be.

View your timetable

You can find your timetable of when and where exams happen in Sussex Direct. Select the Timetable option within your Study Pages.

Check Sussex Direct

To make sure you have up-to-date information, we don’t give timetable details over the phone or by email. Always check Sussex Direct instead.

Important: Double-check Sussex Direct the day before your exam in case there have been any room changes.

When exams take place

Exams usually begin at 9.30am, 2pm and 5.30pm, from Monday to Saturday. They sometimes happen on bank holidays or evenings.

Where exams take place

Some exams are held in more than one room and some are held in venues off-campus. Check your timetable carefully on Sussex Direct. See exam venue information to find out the location of exams and how to get there.

When exam timetables are published

See term dates to check when assessment periods are throughout the academic year.

We normally publish timetables for:

  • semester one in November
  • semester two in March
  • resit periods as soon as possible beforehand.

Reasonable adjustments

If you have reasonable adjustments in place, your Sussex Direct timetable will normally be up-to-date at least one week before the exam.

We cannot amend the exam duration shown in your timetable, but you will get the agreed extra time to complete the assessment.

See more about reasonable adjustments.


Find out about regulations for exams and assessments.

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