Find out when and how you get results for modules, stages of your studies and your overall course.

When you’ll get your results

Throughout your course, you’ll get module results and stage results.

If you’re a research student doing a PhD, see information for postgraduate research assessments.

Module results

If your assessment took place during:

  • a teaching period, you’ll usually get your mark within three weeks
  • the semester 1 assessment period, you normally get your mark by week 3 of semester 2. However, as a consequences of last summer's marking and assessment boycott, marks will be released by week 4 of semester 2 for 23-24.
  • the semester 2 assessment period, you get your mark after your School’s exam board has met.

You can check when your module marks for semesters 1 and 2 will be published by logging into Sussex Direct.

Stage results

A stage result is different from a module result. It confirms the exam board’s decision on your academic progress. You’ll also get an average mark, known as a stage mean.

You will usually get a new stage result each time your School exam board has met.

If you’re an undergraduate, this happens after the:

  • end of each academic year
  • resit exam board in September.

If you’re a postgraduate, this happens after the:

How to get your results

All results (including stage results) are formally published in the Module Results section in Sussex Direct. These are provisional until after the exam board has met and your stage result has been published.

You might get assessment results in different ways. However, once your stage result has been published, your mark on Sussex Direct is the official result you’ll see on your transcript.


Your transcript is a hard-copy print-out of all your module results and your degree outcome.

If you need an interim transcript, it will just show your module results to date.

Find out more about transcripts.

Your certificate comes with your final transcript. You normally get this at graduation.

How your results are calculated

Your course outcome is made up of assessment, module and stage results. These count differently towards your degree.

Module results

Most modules are made up of more than one assessment. Each assessment will normally contribute to your overall mark for the module. The percentage of each assessment may vary.

Example: A module could have an essay worth 30% and an exam worth 70%.

You get the credit for the module if you pass it.

If you want to know the process we go through to mark assessments, see how your work is marked.

Stage results

Your stage result is decided by your School exam board based on:

  • the number of credits you have achieved on your modules
  • your ‘stage mean’, which averages out the marks given for each module, weighted to the amount of credits for each module.

You can see your stage result and stage mean in Sussex Direct when results are published.

Find out what it takes to pass your course.

Course results

Your award outcome is decided by your School exam board, based on the marks and credits you have achieved during your time at Sussex.

You need a certain stage mean and number of credits to get your award. See how your degree is classified to check the classification boundaries and criteria.

Different stages are worth different percentages to your overall result. See the contribution of the stage result on your Module Results page on Sussex Direct.


If you want to understand the mark you’ve been given for an assessment, see your tutor.

If you’re unhappy with the decision of the exam board, find out about our appeals process.


For more about module and course requirements, see our regulations for exams and assessments.

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