If you are applying for part-time work during your studies, or full-time work after your studies, your prospective employer may require a reference.

Personal or character reference

If your employer requests a character reference you can request this from someone who knows you personally and can vouch for you, though not a relative. This person could be your academic adviser or a module tutor. If you have worked at the University, it could be a previous line manager or supervisor. It could even be a friend in a professional role. If you have studied in the University of Sussex Business School, there is a specific procedure for academic and job references.

It is important and courteous to contact your referee before providing their contact details to ask if they are happy to provide a character reference, and to make them aware one may be requested. It is also important the referee has your consent to share your personal information.

Confirmation of study

If your prospective employer only requires confirmation of your study, such as dates and course studied, or award obtained then you can request either a proof of enrolment letter or proof you have been awarded your degree letter.  If a letter is not acceptable, the employer can email askus@sussex.ac.uk.  The Ask Us Contact Centre will require your consent before any information is shared and will not provide a character reference.

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