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Our Student Connectors

Sussex student Eloise


Media and Communications BA

“Working as a Connector has provided many opportunities for me to connect with others and develop professional skills. My time working with the Connector programme has pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to build confidence in my own capabilities. I believe these valuable skills will benefit me greatly in my future employment. I recommend it to anyone thinking of getting involved.”

Sussex student Lou


Criminology BA

“As an older mature student, I found it quite challenging to socialise when I started at Sussex. However, The Connector Programme has allowed me to build my network and get a sense of belonging through this. The programme is excellent because it offers an opportunity for self-development and flexible work alongside studies.”

Sussex student Haajadri


Finance and Technology BSc

“In my role as a Connector, I was in involved diverse projects and many more extra opportunities. These experiences equipped me with a versatile skill set, enhancing my project management, teamwork, and public speaking skills. This multifaceted exposure has not only
boosted my confidence as a student but also provided practical knowledge I'm eager to apply in my future career.”

Our Staff Connectors

Sussex member of staff Clare Hardman

Clare Hardman

Academic Skills Manager

“Students are now at the centre of what we do. Our Connectors are passionate and they want to make changes – it is inspiring and exciting to work with them. Their voice reminds us of things that are important to students and helps us to focus on how we deliver our academic skills services.”

Sussex student William Howlett


Graduate Associate

“My time as a Connector allowed me to gain new skills and valuable work experience. Having now progressed from a Student to a Staff Connector, I have been able to see both sides of co-creation. Students feedback and ideas are invaluable, and their insight helps to shape the work we do going forward. For me co-creation goes both ways. Staff receive consultation, insight and project support from student connectors, and connectors receive experience, skill development and are at the forefront of positive change at the University of Sussex.”

Sussex member of staff Claudia Raistrick

Claudia Raistrick

Programme Manager (Access & Participation)

“Recruiting Connectors to work with me and the wider team has been a really worthwhile experience, their contribution has been invaluable. They attend our working group meetings and contribute to discussions, they have helped establish a student panel to oversee the development of our new Access and Participation Plan (APP) and they also help with discreet pieces of research work, such as finding our how other universities are doing things to help inform our decision making. It is an element of the job I really enjoy and helps keep my feet grounded and the focus on why we do what we do.”

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