The Exchange Sessions: hear from blogger and entrepreneur Pippa Moyle

The logo of The Exchange, which says The Exchange, A Place To Share Ideas

Tuesday 10 December, 3pm to 4pm, Debating Chamber, Falmer House

In this second Exchange Session of the academic year, blogger and entrepreneur Pippa Moyle will be inviting attendees to discover the City Girl Network, a social network she founded dedicated to empowering, inspiring and supporting twenty-something women to call their cities home.

This is a fantastic opportunity to hear about the importance of networking and building community, particularly in large, busy cities where it can sometimes become overwhelming.

Pippa will be talking for about 30 minutes, with the second half of the session dedicated to answering questions from the audience.

Please register for free through Eventbrite. We hope you can make it!

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The Exchange Sessions are an initiative run by the University of Sussex to encourage the sharing of ideas and promote lively debate.

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