If you are applying for a student visa to study at Sussex, you need to attend a credibility interview.

Why you’re being interviewed

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) use credibility interviews to ensure that only genuine students are studying in the UK. During the interview, a UKVI staff member will assess if you:

  • meet the English language requirements
  • are a ‘genuine student’
  • can speak English well – if you can’t hear the interviewer clearly, tell them so they know it is a technical problem and not a problem understanding them.

Ask for a copy of your interview transcript.

What you’ll be asked in your interview

During the interview you will be asked questions about:

  • your background
  • immigration history
  • the studies you are planning to do in the UK
  • why you chose the University of Sussex and your course
  • how you intend to fund your studies
  • how your planned studies fits into your career aspirations.

How to prepare for your interview

Use our example questions and related links to prepare for your interview. You can also complete our International advice form if you need more information.

Example University of Sussex questions

Example accommodation questions

  • Have you planned your living arrangements in Sussex?
  • What type of accommodation will you choose (halls of residence, with family, shared rented, privately rented etc)?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of accommodation?
  • How much will your accommodation cost? Think about your monthly budget. Check our on-campus and off-campus accommodation costs.

Example travel questions

Example finance questions

  • How much money will you need to live in Sussex? Where did you find this information? See our typical living costs.
  • How are you funding your studies and living costs (savings (yours, your parents, family business, other family members) education loan, financial sponsor)?
  • Are you planning to work part-time while you are studying? Do you know what the restrictions are? Find out about working restrictions.

Example course and study questions

  • What do you know about the course you will study at Sussex?
  • How would you tell another person about the value of this course?
  • Why did you choose to study in the UK?
  • Are their similar courses available in your home country?
  • If the costs of studying are higher in the UK than in your home country, why have you decided to pay the costs involved with studying in the UK?

Example research questions

Example future plans questions

  • What are your future plans after you graduate?
  • How will your time at Sussex help you in achieving your goals?
  • How do your studies fit into your career plans?

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